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Архивные материалы по программе "Архивы в опасности"

     Предлагаемый архивный материал, проект EAP 264 - цифровые копии фотографий Тывы и Монголии, представленных Государственным архивом кинематографии, фотографии и музыкальных записей Монголии (Улан Батор).

Программа Британской библиотеки "Архивы в опасности" - Endangered Archives Programme (The British Library) / http://eap.bl.uk
Гранты на проведение исследовательских проектов по программе Британской библиотеки "Архивы в опасности". Руководство для соискателей, 2011 (PDF-файл, на русском языке)

• Title: Digital copies of glass plate negatives preserved in the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recording, Mongolia [1910s-1950s]
• Collection Area: Endangered Archives Programme
• Reference: EAP264/1
• Creation Date: Oct 2009-Aug 2010
• Extent and Access: Extent: 12 series containing a total of 9,956 TIFF images
Conditions of Use: Access is for research purposes only
• Language: Not applicable
• Contents and Scope:
Contents: This collection consists of digital copies of the glass plate negative collections at the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recordings, Mongolia. The photographs date from the 1910s to the 1950s, and cover a range of subjects, including art and culture, former Mongolian leader Khorloogiin Choibalsan, festivities, foreign relations, industry, the military, nature, people, religion, science and education, transport, and the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.
Physical characteristics: The original materials are glass plate negatives, predominantly black and white, although there are a few colour images.
Note: This catalogue is based on descriptive metadata created by the EAP264 project

Arrangement: Photographic images taken between 1910s and 1950s. The entire collection consists of 12 series: EAP264AC – Art and culture / EAP264 CHOB – Choibalsan / EAP264Fes – Festivities / EAP264FR – Foreign relations / EAP264IN – Industry / EAP264ML – Military / EAP264NAT – Nature / EAP264PE – People / EAP264RE – Religion / EAP264SCE – Science and education / EAP264TR – Transport / EAP264 – Ulaanbaatar.
Appraisal: Material in this collection was selected for digitisation by the EAP264 project

Комплект почтовых открыток "Монголия и Тыва, 1910-1950" - программа Британской библиотеки "Архивы в опасности", Приложения дипломной работы Белозёрова Д.А.
Перечень оригинальных названий разделов, подразделов, нумерации проекта 264 в рамках программы "Архивы в опасности" (формат txt)

• History:
Origin: EAP264 was funded by the Endangered Archives Programme. It created digital copies of records held by the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recording in Ulaanbaatar
Custodial History: Digital copies in this collection were created as part of the EAP264 project. The original materials were collected by the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recording, Mongolia, as part of their collecting remit.
Immediate Source of Acquisition: Received from the EAP264 project holder, Mr. Bayasgalan Bayanbat (Accession Record EAP264/1)
• Copies: Additional electronic copies have been deposited with the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recording, Mongolia, and with the MSV Foundation
• Originals: The original material is held by the Archives for Cinema, Photography and Sound Recording, Mongolia

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